Primary Schools

Primary Schools

Klick Technology specialise in providing Primary school furniture which is durable, practical and good value. Our range of products is suitable for new build projects or to refurbish existing buildings and we can supply any primary school throughout the UK.

Fitted Furniture

We can fit out specialist areas within primary schools providing furniture for science, food technology, art and cloakrooms. Our Techline IT benching is a versatile product with built in cable management which is very popular in IT areas within primary schools.

Flexibility is key in the primary environment and Klick can supply any furniture height from 500mm upwards to accommodate children of all sizes.

Food Technology Rooms For Primary Schools

Food is a statutory part of the Key Stage 1 (5-7 years) and Key Stage 2 (7-11 years) curriculum in England. As part of their work with food, pupils should be taught how to prepare and cook food, applying the principles of nutrition and healthy eating.

Klick are experienced at installing food technology furniture into primary schools. We can offer advice on the design and provide CAD drawings to illustrate possible layouts. Our refurbishment team can convert a classroom into a food technology room, co-ordinating all the necessary trades required to complete the job.

Toilets, Washrooms and Changing Rooms

Cubicles can be designed to fit your space. Lockers, IPS panelling and cubicle doors can be co- ordinated to your colour scheme. Klick offer a full turnkey refurbishment package to include all plumbing/electrical services, flooring and ceilings.

Teaching Walls

We provide creative storage solutions which are essential for the smooth running of a primary classroom, offering flexibility and maximising space. Klick Technology can design & supply bespoke teaching walls which are a good use of under utilised space at the front of the classroom. Modular units can feature tray or cupboard storage, interactive whiteboards, pinboards and standard whiteboards to create a flexible resource space easily to hand.


We can also provide bespoke bag storage areas, featuring coat hooks and tray storage if required. These are ideal to de-clutter classrooms creating a more spacious environment for practical activities. Our range of trolleys is also useful for storing items for occasional use such as musical instruments or lunchboxes.

Our experience of over 30 years in the education sector means that we understand the requirements of primary schools and can help provide the perfect solution for your school.

Please call 0161 998 9726 or contact us via email to discuss any projects within your school.